Provident Pharmaceuticals field background


Provident Pharmaceuticals is a privately held specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the commercialization and marketing of niche and legacy pharmaceutical products and medical devices in specific therapeutic areas. We are a full-service pharmaceutical company offering sales and marketing, regulatory services, market access, and distribution capabilities for product partnership opportunities.

Operating in Greece, we are focused on the commercialization and marketing of niche – legacy pharmaceutical products and related devices in the region.

Our business concept is twofold:

  • Acquiring well established, original or generic medicinal products from international pharmaceutical companies to be marketed mainly within Greece, Cyprus and the South Eastern Mediterranean.
  • We support international pharmaceutical companies in their endeavour to market and distribute pharmaceutical products and medical devises in this area.

The founders of Provident Pharmaceuticals possess extensive management experience from the pharmaceutical industry. This experience secures our customers in hospitals and pharmacies as well as our business partners in the industry a competent and professional service.

Licensed to distribute pharmaceuticals and in co-operation with our affiliate, our field experience make us an attractive partner to distribute niche and legacy products from companies who do not have a presence in Greece.

Provident Pharmaceuticals blends corporate and entrepreneurial experiences with a common sense approach towards the optimization of business outcomes. As a distribution partner, Provident can:

  • Assume responsibilities for a brand
  • Develop optimal strategy to maximize business outcomes
  • Efficiently manage market challenges
  • Provide flexible arrangements for relationship and deal scenarios

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